“Hey Ray, our funnels are humming and sales have tripled over the last 2 years. Our system now generates 40-45 online market update requests each month converting to 4 plus listings a month and 48 sales in the last year. Thanks Heaps! The results have been life-changing”

Jarrad Mahon.  Broker/Owner Investors Edge.  Perth Western Australia.


Ray's latest book is a total game changer and his best yet. These funnels are working for us right now and we're smashing it

Trent Pool. Broker/Owner McGrath Noosa Heads. Queensland



Ray's latest book is a total game changer and his best yet. These funnels are working in my agency right now and we're smashing it

Trent Pool. Broker/Owner McGrath Noosa Heads, Queensland Australia


 “Real Estate is hard work. REAL ESTATE FUNNEL$ breaks that hard work down into ‘set-and-forget’ process-driven formulas for creating and maintaining a steady stream of leads”

Peter Schravemade, Managing Partner. REACH ASEA. for Second Century Ventures (Part of the NAR)


In this book, you'll discover how to build and grow an outrageously successful pipeline of leads, listings and sales including...

  • A solid and proven blueprint for creating a real estate funnel system that will give you and your business volume, consistency and momentum
  • How to create lead magnets that attract new relationships like bees to honey
  • The essentials to nurturing your leads and how to convert them to sellers
  • Ray's secret mindset hack for massive productivity and results
  • The #1 mistake agents make when trying to target sellers
  • How to build a monster list of future sellers
  • How to really engage your list with the right variety of messages
  • The ultimate USP (Unique Selling Proposition) your competitors probably don't even know about
  • How to start simple and build your first funnel
  • The best ways to drive traffic to your funnel
  • Harnessing the power of the two greatest marketing motivators
  • The 3 things EVERY seller wants and how to position you and your brand as the agent who can deliver them
  • Why traditional websites won't help you attract leads
  • The simple secret to reaching out to your community and why it's quickly becoming the next big thing in real estate marketing

“Listings and sales have tripled since we started using the Real Estate Funnels system. In the last 6 months, one funnel helped us win 24 listings with seller leads coming in on autopilot direct from our landing page. No more cold calling…win win”

Troy Kincaid. Richardson Real Estate Colac Victoria


Let me show you how to set up your business to attract seller leads on autopilot

This is NOT complicated …all it takes is the right system. Sales come from listings and listings come from leads.

But where do leads come from?

Many agents looking to scale up their listings and sales continually experiment with different ideas but get the same results.

One or more real estate funnels have the power to totally transform any real estate business into a listing and sales machine.

In fact, real estate’s top agents have funnels that bring in solid leads on autopilot around the clock. 

Whether they are at the gym, walking the dog, playing with their kids, on vacation or asleep, real estate’s super agents rely on a solid, proven system to make sure they’re attracting leads all the time.

Imagine if all you did each day was follow up genuine seller leads and convert them to listings. Setting up a real estate funnel does the heavy lifting for you.

In REAL ESTATE FUNNEL$ you’ll discover exactly how real estate’s heavy hitters are setting up their prospecting and listing more real estate. 

REAL ESTATE FUNNEL$ is YOUR FUEL for more listings and sales

The biggest problem most real estate agents face is not receiving offers from buyers or making sales, it’s getting their future selling clients to discover they even exist.

According the National Association of Realtors in the US, 87% of all agents exit after 5 years in the industry because they fail to grasp the importance of mastering one specific skill: the art of establishing real relationships with property owners in their area.

…and that is a tragedy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie on day one, a seasoned pro looking to take things to the next level or a broker/manager leading a big team, Real Estate Funnel$ was written to give you volume, consistency and momentum.