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Only Founding Members get this Mega-Bundle + Customized Marketing System

  • Area Exclusivity This isn't going to work if multiple agents in your area are doing it so Only one membership per postcode or area
  • All marketing assets including lead generation, social media ad templates, copy and campaign support (these ads drive traffic to your pages)
  • A comprehensive online Social Media Instructional course featuring videos and image and marketing video samples
  • Access to our private graphics and template library for special customized marketing assets
  • Full access to our Membership Area where we host all support assets plus additional training materials, scripts, videos and direct marketing manuals.
  • Your own eBook edition of The Ultimate Home Sellers Guide featuring you as the author + promotional marketing assets
  • A customized edition of the best selling home sellers eBook 'How To Sell Your Home For More'
  • A customized edition of 'Hot Seller Tips'
  • A customized edition of 'Downsizing In Australia'
  • Your customized lead generating Landing Page complete with capture fields
  • Your customized Thank You Page offering a FREE bestselling eBook
  • The best Social Media marketing templates to help you drive traffic to your landing page
  • Content promotional rights to use our consumer tips and ideas website
  • Our team BUILD + CUSTOMIZE everything.
  • On-going 24/7 Hosting and Maintenance
  • Regular group coaching to take you through the entire process including how and where to run your Social Media ads
  • You also get my personal support and guidance + private group training to help you make it happen! :-)

"Upgrading to the Bestagents marketing system has been an incredible game changer for our business"

Trent Pool. Merimbula Realty NSW. Australia

Done-For-You Tools 

We build and host your main lead generating landing page, the online form that sends leads directly to your in-box and the Thank You page that offers your new leads a free copy of the eBook customized to you. Your job is using our tools to drive traffic to your lead generating site and building your ever-growing list of contacts. Then we get awesome at reaching out to make them clients for life.

Members Lounge, Marketing
Tools and  Support

If you're a founding member, you'll be getting access to the #1 real estate marketing weapon on the planet. Plus access to the members lounge and our private suite of real estate success tools including client nurture emails, scripts and a full range of contact management tools.

Four Customized Books Exclusive To You

We set you up as the author of The Ultimate Homesellers Guide + we also customize 3 other books with your details and contact information. These 4 books are proven lead generation winners and perfect as part of your digital pre-listing kit. You'll want to keep them in marketing rotation

Your system is the solution!

Bestagents is the only real estate marketing and support system to offer ALL the tools and strategies you need with the added bonus of exclusive area rights. 
If there's one thing I've learned from my own career and working with some of the most successful agents on the planet, real estate success has nothing to do with your market and everything to do with your marketing.

It's 2020 and there have never been so many amazing tools to not just automate your business but allow you to systemize everything that's important.

Building your funnel using your lead generating webpages, your eBooks plus follow up scripts and client care nurturing strategies automates the filling of your future client pipeline which is the critical and essential part of every great real estate business.

Plus, you get access to our private Jigglar library of marketing templates, reports, social media posts and flyers to give you control of all your marketing without the added expense of paying for world class graphics.

If your territory is available, I'm looking forward to working with you and welcoming you to Bestagents.

Ray Wood
CEO + Founder
Bestagents Inc.

Many of the real estate industry changes made during the COVID-19 Global Crisis are already permanent.

Consumers have quickly shifted to the professional services that suit their needs meaning many 'old school' agents will leave the industry. The agents that pivot and quickly adapt will not just survive, but thrive. Bestagents presents an opportunity to capitalize on changing consumer needs. Your time is now.


Why agents are leaving real estate and why this 'reset' is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Every so often there's a serious market reset. The last one was around 2008 with the global financial crisis. The one before that was the recession from 1990 to 1994. Each time this happens there's substantial change in our industry. 

History will show that 2020 is another of those times. Most agents have never experienced a challenging market where listings are harder to find and sales are harder to put together which is why many agents will be leaving real estate. And by the way, that's awesome, because those that know what to do will clean up!

Different times (like now) call for a different approach. Many of the old ways no longer work. Sellers and buyers are searching for fresh ideas and they're doing it online. They are looking for a specific solution.

The global pandemic has fast-tracked digital marketing like never before. Social distancing and personal contact rules means almost everything we were doing is now different.

The agents that failed to adapt are leaving the industry. Those that moved quickly to expand their digital footprint and online presence are discovering a massive online audience. The bigger the change, the greater the opportunity.

How long will it take before my system goes LIVE?

We can usually set up a new membership in less than a week.... but it all starts with your exclusivity.  Click the blue button below and complete the Founding Members application to check if your area is available.


"Try finding another real estate marketing package that offers the systems, software and support that comes with a Bestagents membership"

Kevin Young. Harcourts Brisbane


"There's so much upside to this... I'm using these tools every day and getting noticed! There is NOTHING else and anything like an exclusive Bestagents membership. I generate leads and nurture
clients with the best real estate marketing I have ever seen...  plus, no other agent in my area can get
their hands on it. That's the kicker!"

Dan Bruggink. Wilson Partners, Wallan Victoria


“Without doubt, the #1 real estate marketing expert I have ever worked with. A motivational and inspirational dynamo”

Tanya Crepulja. Keller Wiliams. Toronto Canada


“I’m stunned by Ray’s ability to innovate and influence the careers of the real estate people he works with. His understanding of what makes a great agent is the reason he’s such a successful coach and trainer and his real estate technology start-ups provide valuable tools for agents everywhere”

Dan Smith. Real Estate Coach and Bestselling Author. California USA


“We started working with Ray 4 years ago and since then our results have more than tripled! We get proven systems, the best marketing ideas and superior support” 

Troy Kincaid + Mark Theodore. Richardsons. Colac Victoria Australia


“In the last month, just one idea won me 10 listings, 7 sales and $45,000 in commission. I’m the oldest person on our team and recently won salesperson of the year. Ray’s support gives me motivation and a heap of fresh ideas”

Ray Rounds. Hayswinkle Agency. Geelong Victoria Australia


“I’ve been a Bestagents member for more than 10 years. The personal prospecting and branding ideas have helped me immensely over that time. They have the power to connect with sellers when most other ideas don’t. Fantastic content and a truly valuable part of my business”

Andrea Manson. Belle Property. Brisbane Queensland Australia


“The sooner you start using these proven strategies, the sooner your results will increase. My only regret is that I didn’t start using Ray’s ideas earlier”

Peter Hutton. Hutton + Hutton. New Farm Queensland Australia


“Ray’s ideas have been a total game-changer for my business. For example, once I started using his listing presentation strategies I have never once had to reduce my fee. Before that, I used to drop my fee all the time to win the business”

Edward Baker. RE/MAX Auckland New Zealand


“Ray is one of the best marketing guys going around. In a world of clutter and too much wasteful advertising, agents find themselves jumping from one gimmick to the next, with a scattergun approach that doesn’t work. Ray’s message cuts through the haze to connect with the decision makers that matter the most.”

Garth Makowski. Harcourts. Campbelltown NSW, Australia


“If you take a look at Ray’s history, experience, and interests, you’ll struggle to find anyone more qualified to help real estate agents achieve better results. More than 20 years owning and running a highly successful agency in inner Melbourne and a co-founding partner at which I believe is the best real estate CRM going around. He’s also the co-founding force behind, a creative marketing tool for agents. When I arrived from NZ, I knew nobody and started from scratch. Ray’s ideas quickly helped me get traction in a very crowded market. Today I have more than 7000 contacts which gives me 80% of my business. His system is by far the best and his influence on my personal success has been substantial”

Phil Taylor. @Realty. Perth, Western Australia