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  • STOP Cold Calling, Door Knocking and old-school prospecting actions you can't scale
  • START marketing to 100% of your community instead of traditional 'real estate' content that reaches only 5%
  • BUILD a large natural following with the people in your community who will help you grow your business
  • MAKE every advertising dollar count when your marketing is TOTALLY DIFFERENT to every other agent in town
  • STOP 'Hunting' for seller leads and start 'Farming' for them to create a fresh listing pipeline

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“I’m only using a few ideas from Digital Mayor and already seeing stunning results” 
Trent Pool. McGrath Estate Agents Noosa Heads Queensland


“It's life-changing when you look at real estate marketing in a totally different way. I'm attracting new clients effortlessly” 
Mike Cranstoun. One Agency Dunedin New Zealand


“Just download Digital Mayor, switch off your phone, and read it. My brain is on fire with the possibilities” 
Lisa B eXp Gold Coast Queensland


Ever Wondered Why It's So Hard To Get Likes, Shares and Comments On Your Real Estate Social Media Pages?

Unless you're planning something radically different ...expect more of the same. Why invest time and money trying to get social media traffic when there's a MUCH better way?

Here are 3 reasons why this works:

Reason 1 is because it's different and in marketing, being different rules.

Becoming the Local Influencer in your area is hands-down the most effective way to make connections with property owners purely because it immediately positions you and your brand as totally different from every other agent in town.

Reason 2 is because it's more 'scalable' than any other prospecting action you have ever done. 

It's the most powerful yet affordable marketing you can get involved with because you can literally reach thousands of potential clients in less than 24 hours! (How long would it take you to get in front of thousands of property owners using old-school advertising tactics?)

Reason 3 is because you are giving-to-get instead of asking people if they want to buy or sell a property.

You're attracting more relationships because you're presenting a much better offer right from the start with your local knowledge, your local connections and local influence.

...and while your competition is 'real estateing' at the 4 or 5% of people in your patch actually buying or selling real estate for zero shares and a handful of likes if they're lucky, your local influence and engagement will be going through the roof because of the 'different' content you're serving up.

Right now is one of the best times to be in real estate because right now represents the marketing opportunity of our lives for those who know what to do and how to do it!

Now is the perfect storm of developing technologies, advances in social media, stunning advances in AI and a very tired real estate industry married to outdated, old-school ideas.

A Big Fat Problem!

Today, someone in your area woke up and decided to get their property on the market. If they've never heard of you, you won't be getting that call.

And therein lies a big fat problem because your area is inundated with agents all looking for listing leads and they're all waiting for that call.

If you're just the same as every other agent in town, how can you expect to stand out?

Then there are the rising property tech companies and national domains that have deep pockets and are on a mission to assume control of the real estate industry by going direct to consumers and leaving us out in the cold. This is already happening by the way.

The big real estate portals generate seller leads direct from consumers and sell them back to agents.

These companies want agents on the 'lead heroin' so if they stop paying, they stop getting leads.

Let there be no doubt, these corporate giants dominate online search and have the resources to take over the industry which is exactly what they plan to do.

How to stand out from the crowd

So how do we compete against that? How do we get noticed in a giant ocean of competition?

How do we win more listing opportunities with all the big real estate brands and entrenched dominant agents breathing down our necks?

How do we make the connections and build the relationships needed to keep our listings and sales pipeline full?

And how do we set up our personal brand marketing at scale to constantly reach out to people in our area looking to sell and buy real estate?

In 'Digital Mayor' I not only answer those questions, I also roll out an exciting and very scalable marketing formula you can quickly implement to become the Digital Mayor in town.

These proven ideas and strategies will make you stand out from the crowd. In fact, it's impossible not to!

By embracing a different approach, modern agents get noticed by employing fresh tactics and ideas to become the dominant local influencers in their areas.

It’s working because their marketing is the exact opposite of what their competition is doing.

If you're picking up what I'm putting down, this book is for you and this is your opportunity to join an emerging new breed of modern agents blending technology and innovative content to become the local real estate leader in your city, suburb, town or area.

Current Social Media Marketing Isn't working

Every day we see agents post real estate-related content in an attempt to attract eyeballs and maybe a listing lead ...but it's not working because only a small percentage of people in your area (like 4 or 5%) are actively involved in buying or selling property at any one time.

That means you're MISSING OUT on engaging with 95% of people in your area!

You're MISSING OUT on forging connections with the vast majority of people in town and the opportunity to build valuable relationships.

As you're reading my book, keep this thought in mind: If it's the same amount of work and effort to give yourself the opportunity to connect with A LOT more people in town, why wouldn't you do it?

Why become the Digital Mayor in town?

  • More relationships = more sales (no-brainer)
  • If you don’t have enough listings and sales right now, it’s only because you don’t have enough relationships …but what if you could attract all the relationships you could handle?
  • What if you didn’t need to door knock, cold call, hustle like crazy, beg for listings, or even routinely call people looking for leads?
  • What if you could start attracting listing leads almost on auto-pilot?
  • In my latest book ‘Digital Mayor’ I guide you step-by-step through the real estate marketing strategy that’s taking over the world.
  • I’ll show you what happens when you stop ‘real estating’ at people and start positioning yourself as the local influencer in your community. (You can say GOODBYE to 3 like posts on Facebook)
  • I’ll show you where your sellers are right now and the kind of content you need to be generating so they can’t wait to like and share your posts and I'll show you how to create awesome and engaging content for peanuts.
  • Your future clients are online right now just waiting for the right content to engage with.
  • The BIG problem is that most agents constantly pitch too much real estate content which will NEVER get the engagement they need to win more relationships.
  • Fact: Most agents never get the social media traffic they’re searching for.
  • Have you ever said to yourself “there HAS to be a BETTER way?”
  • The solution is here and it’s waiting for you to get started
Unlock the transformative power of real estate marketing that's revolutionizing the industry worldwide. Position yourself as the go-to agent for property owners in town.

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