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This is the Manual to Becoming the Local Influencer in Your Real Estate Market

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If you and I sat down for a one-on-one coaching session dedicated to winning more listings, this blueprint is EXACTLY what I would share to position you as the Local Influencer in your market

This proven, step-by-step listing formula is responsible for helping many of real estate’s top agents reach their goals three times faster than the industry average.

Listings are the lifeblood of real estate success. More listings gives you more sales but competition for listings has never been greater.

So how do you get noticed? How do you get yourself on the radar of sellers in your area? …and what’s the best way to fast track your success?

The answer is time or more specifically, what you do with it.

Real estate’s super agents are simply better with their time and these are the 7 essential prospecting actions they use to get traction and outperform every other agent in their area.

In this proven real estate success blueprint you’ll discover:

  • The 7 essential listing and prospecting actions to find NOW sellers and build your future listings pipeline
  • How to start winning leads on autopilot
  • A simple listing action you can set up for peanuts that works 24/7
  • Why door knocking and cold calling will send you broke
  • The marketing message with a 100% open rate
  • The secret behind the very best real estate direct response emails, texts and letters
  • The one thing that is your greatest challenge and also your biggest opportunity
  • What the 20% of agents who don’t leave real estate in their first year all have in common
  • The essential tools required to set yourself up for success
  • How to deliver the ultimate listing presentation and how to set up your regular and digital pre-listing kit
  • The essential numbers you need to know in your area to position YOU as the local expert
  • How to create a powerful marketing lead magnet you can use everywhere
  • How to set up a powerful real estate marketing funnel to attract, nurture and convert leads to listings that works even when you’re sleeping
  • How to beat overwhelm and stay productive
  • The 5 critical dollar-productive actions that all top agents stick to
  • How to master your personal mindset to boost your energy and your results

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